Helly-Hansen Sample Sale

Thanks to all of you who attended our try-ons. They are now finished for the season as our 2021-2022 order is due on Wednesday, March 17th. Our rep said we could keep and pay for whatever undecorated samples we wanted. The more we sell, the less we have to pay to ship them back. These are UNDECORATED, so no logos (which is identical to how we will get our pants and shorts this fall), but also less expensive because we didn’t pay for shipping or embroidery.

Many items came in colors we aren’t offering, so if you’re looking for a non-race team jacket to wear away from the mountain at a great price, this might be your lucky day! I’ll be at the mountain the next 2 weekends, but we can also arrange pick-up elsewhere. Sizes and prices listed below the photos:

Springbok Shell in Black/Orange
Youth 8 – $155.75

Springbok Shell in Black with Orange Zippers
Youth 10 – $155.75

Springbok Shell in Black/Green
Men’s L – $200.25

Springbok Shell in Red/Blue
Men’s M – $200.25

Springbok Insulated Jacket in Red/Black
Youth 12 – $155.75
Youth 14 – $155.75

Springbok Insulated Jacket in Red/Blue
Youth 16 – $155.75
Women’s XS – $167
Men’s S – $167

Insulated Flannel Shirt in Blue
Youth 10 – $75

Insulated Flannel shirt in Red
Men’s L – SOLD

Pine Race Puffy in Black/Grass Green
Women’s M – $256

Gazelle Hybrid in Ebony (Black/Gray)
Men’s M – SOLD

Gazelle Hybrid in Trooper Black Camo
Youth 10 – $80.10

Gazelle Hybrid in Black
Youth 12 – $80.10
Youth 14 – $80.10
Women’s XS – $97.90

Pronghorn Softshell Shorts:
Youth 10 – $53.40
Youth 14 – SOLD
Women’s XS – SOLD
Women’s S – $66.75
Men’s S – $66.75
Men’s M – SOLD

Falcon Full-Zip Pants:
Youth 8 – $111.25
Youth 10 – $111.25
Youth 16 – $111.25
Women’s Small – $155.75
Men’s Small – SOLD
Men’s Large – SOLD

First come, first served! Email jacketorder@jackfrostraceteam.com or message Mike Mafodda on the Facebook group.