Team Training Details

Control the relationship of the center of mass to the base of support to direct pressure along the length of the ski / Develop continous movement of Center of Mass over a constantly changing base of support

Development Approaches to Training

Effective stance

Difference between moving forward being forward

Parallel reference lines shoulders/back move with shins

Maintaining perpendicularity with slope

Moving into the future of terrain and turns

Coaching Drills/Ideas

D-B1: Shuffle Turns

D-B2: Step and march turns

D-B3: One ski skiing with poles

D-B4: One ski skiing with out poles

D-B5: Leapers long turns to funnel short turn hops

D-B6: Leapers and or porpose turns

D-B7: Travererse hill moving to uphill leg as you extend, use direction

Tactics/Gate&Pole Drill

T-B1: Appex drill Slalom

T-B2: brushy coridor drill

T-GS-B3: GS full gate training

T-SL-B4: Slalom full gate training

T-B5: Appex drill Giant Slalom

T-B6: 1.5 Vertical brushy’s on pitch

Control edge angles through a combination of inclination and angulation / Develop independence between the inside and outside halves of the body

Development Approaches to Training

Managing offset and alignment (strong inside half)

Inside half high and forward to develop maximum edge

Skiing into and out of lead change and offset

Move inside forward and up to maximize edge angle and balancing

Coaching Drills/Ideas

D-E1: pole drag, pole level

D-E2: tuck turns

D-E3: set up rail ride to rail road track turns

D-E4: one ski turns

D-E5: crab walk, pivot crab walk

D-E6: Outside / outside ski

D-E7: Skate to shape to short turns

D-E8: pivot side slips to edge set.

Tactics/Gate&Pole Drill

T-E1: Appex drill Slalom

T-E2: brushy corridor drill

T-GS-E3: GS full gate training

T-SL-E4: Slalom full gate training

T-E5: Appex drill Giant Slalom

T-E6: 1.5 Vertical brushy’s on pitch

Control the skis rotation with leg rotation, separate from upper body / Develop independence between the upper and lower halves of the body

Development Approaches to Training

Turning legs under strong stable core

Separation in hip socket and role of hips in rotate.

Legs / skis turn more than upper body.

Selectively adjust the degree of pivoting/steering to suit terrain and task

Coaching Drills/Ideas

D-R1: Short radius turns in brushy corridor

D-R2: hop turns, porpoise turns

D-R3: Four corners focused on woods, turn feet first maintain woods

D-R4: crab walk

D-R5: Pivot side slips

D-R6: Straight run to hockey stop stick landing

Tactics/Gate&Pole Drill

T-R1: Appex drill Slalom

T-R2: corridor drill

T-GS-R3: GS full gate training

T-SL-R4: Slalom full gate training

T-R5: Appex drill Giant Slalom

T-R6: 1.5 Vertical brushy’s on pitch

Control pressure from ski to ski and direct pressure to the outside ski / develop flexion and extension to manage the flow of pressure / energy to the skis

Development Approaches to Training

Managing the flow of pressure from ski to ski

Late pressure vs early pressure

Progressively increasing and decreasing with leg length/ edge angle changes

Coaching Drills/Ideas

D-P1: Travererse hill moving to uphill leg as you extend, use direction

D-P2: skate to shape to short

D-P3: inflation deflation turns

D-P4: hop to shape, pivot turns

D-P5: 1000 step turns

Tactics/Gate&Pole Drill

T-P1: Appex drill Slalom

T-P2: brushy corridor drill

T-GS-P3: GS full gate training

T-SL-P4: Slalom full gate training

T-P5: Appex drill Giant Slalom

T-P6: 1.5 Vertical brushy’s on pitch