Jack Frost U16 Slalom

Sunday, January 26, 2020 U16 SL Qualifier
It was a beautiful day and I’m fairly confident that there were many parents who were still drying out from the U14 race the day before. The kids were certainly dry, but there is a good possibility that some of the parents with both U14 and U16 racers were still in soggy boots…
At the end of the first run for the ladies, Kara W. was holding the second place position and Molly B was holding at 3rd. Rounding out the top 15 were Ann-Sophie K at 6th and Sidney S. at 13th – all four ladies made the flip of 15. The unstoppable JF ladies fought hard in the second run and took 6 of the top 10 spots! Overall finishes for the day netted our ladies the top two positions on the podium – Congratulations to Molly B for her first place finish and to Kara W. for her second place finish! Rounding out the top 5 overall racers were Ann-Sophie K. in 4th and Sidney S. in 5th, showing that this JF U16 ladies team is a force to be reckoned with!
For the men, JF has a team of 5. Five incredibly close young men who consistently give it their all – and then some! Run one netted all the men in the top 15, including Noah R. in second, Connor M. at 6th, Jamie D. at 7th, Alex T. at 12th and Michael I. at 14th. Run 2 resulted in JF taking 3 of the top 10 positions! Overall finishes for the day landed all our JF men in the top 15 – AMAZING! Congratulations go out to Noah R. for his second place finish, as well as, Connor M. in 6th, Jamie D. in 7th, Alex T. in 12th and Michael I. in 14th!
Traditionally, the Backlund Family, long time JF faces, sponsor a “Charger” award at each race. This award is won by the female and male racers who fight back the hardest, making up the most time between their first and second runs. A big shout out to Sidney S. who fought back from 13th in the first run to a solid 2nd in her second run!!!
Best of Luck to these U16 racers at Elk on Saturday!!!