Final U14 Race of 2021

The U14 men and women got to race together for the first time this year at their final race of the season. A GS race at Blue Mountain on Saturday.  It was the most competitive field they saw year, as racers from Central PARA Clubs attended (Liberty, Roundtop, Whitetail).

The ladies field consisted of 52 racers, 11 from Jack Frost. They flipped 30, the top JF finisher was Devon who placed 13th. After that it was Mia in 14th, Lacey 17th, Lena 19th, Kasey 21st, Tessa 26th, and Taryn 30th. Also worth noting, Ella, had an awesome 11th place finish for the first run.

For the men there was a field of 43, 6 of them from Jack Frost. They also flipped 30, the top JF finisher was Raam in 5th place. Daniel finished 13th, Ryan 14th, Mark 17th, and Soter 22nd.

Congratulations to all the racers!