Calendar/Event Coding

The Jack Frost Race Team has a pre-planned training schedule based on Coaching Drills, USSS SkillsQuests, and Race Tactics/Gate Drills.

What you see on the calendar is the focus for the morning, afternoon, or day.  The Jack Frost Home page shows an upcoming view of what the racers will be focusing on based on the different age groupings.  The Events menu will show you the monthly view of the training/race plan.

Simply, a focus will start with a D (DRILL), Q (SkillsQuest), or T (TACTIC).  This is followed by a primary skill building block – B (BALANCE), R (ROTATION), E (EDGE ANGLES), P (PRESSURE CONTROL).   The T focuses also have an SL (SLALOM) or GS (GIANT SLALOM) nomenclature.   Remember, the TACTIC focuses normally include training in gates thus it is important to know the course setup.

So, a Q-R5 will have the group focusing on performing a SkillsQuest rotary exercise;  in this example, the coaches will be focusing on exercise #5 in the coaches’ list.  A T-GS-B3 would be focusing on tactical/gate training balance drills, #3 in the coaches’ list.

The plan’s purpose is that all coaches and racers are focusing as a group on particular skills throughout that particular session.