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Jack Frost Racing Foundation Scholarship Program





The Jack Frost Racing Foundation has renamed the annual scholarship in honor of Sydney Tedone. Sydney was an 18-year-old from New York City who loved to help others.  Even during her time at Jack Frost, she never stopped trying to do what she could to make others happy. Sydney joined the Jack Frost Development Team in 2012 at the age of 13. She skied with the Development Team for 4 years, and then decided to become an assistant coach with the young skiers in the Junior Development Program. But this role only touched on the surface of her efforts to support children.

At Mary McDowell High School, Sydney, with her strong sense of empathy, founded a Girl Rising Club, dedicated to helping promote education for girls around the world. She had also been enrolled in two community-service projects for this past summer, working with children on a Native American reservation in Montana and building a school in a village in Peru.  Though her work was tragically cut short, her legacy is not forgotten.





The Jack Frost Racing Foundation has established a scholarship fund that is available to current members of the Jack Frost Racing Foundation (JFRF) who are graduating from high school and are pursuing their education at a college, university, trade school or advancing their coaching or official certifications.

Funds for Jack Frost Racing Foundation (JFRF) scholarships are raised from targeted fundraising initiatives, donor-directed funds, and other non-membership fee sources.  These scholarships are designed to recognize Jack Frost Racing athletes and coaches for excellence, athleticism, achievement, and dedicated participation in the Jack Frost Racing program.  JFRF is making it a priority to raise funds for, and grant as many, educational scholarships as possible in a given year.  However, the JFRF and Scholarship Program are in early stages of their development and funds are not guaranteed to be available every year.

Scholarships are available for Jack Frost Racers and Coaches with the mission of supporting continuing educational opportunities in two primary categories: 

  1. Scholarships for post-secondary education for racers and coaches.
  2. Scholarships to reimburse fees for coaches to obtain certifications.

The Scholarship Committee is made up of the five JFRF Board Members and three of the Jack Frost Race team coaches appointed by the Race Team Director.  The Scholarship Committee is charged with management and oversight of the Scholarship Program and selection of the scholarship award recipients.  Selected recipients will receive a scholarship to cover eligible expenses for post-secondary education-related tuition, fees, books, and room and board.  Scholarship will be paid in the form of a check for reimbursement once the recipient provides proof of eligible purchases in the form of an invoice or store receipt.  Selection will be made by the Scholarship Committee.

JFRF Scholarship Program Guidelines will be reviewed and revised as needed on an annual basis by the Scholarship Committee.


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