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web IMG 6087  The Development Team

Ages 4-15

 Vision Statement: to develop basic ski racing fundamentals in accordance with the USSA Sports Education Program.

The Development Team is based out of Jack Frost Mountain. This team is designed to develop strong skiing or snowboarding skills with an introduction to the fundamentals of gate racing. Participants must be comfortable on all intermediate terrain and be able to handle various ski lifts.


The emphasis of the JFRT Development Team is on fun and functional performance with a lighter competitive focus.   The coaches will provide exposure to skills required to becoming an all-around athlete with athletic diversity.  The program incorporates the USSA SkillsQuest program as a means of gauging progression for advancement and racing readiness.  Skill development and athletic skiing is achieved through directed free-skiing mileage and focused drills. In this program, the athlete will be introduced to a giant slalom gate set. A healthy level of competition is provided through intra-team fun races. These intra-team fun races focus on ‘fun’ since results at this level are not a determinant of an athlete’s future in ski racing.  Since individuals develop at their own pace, the JFRT Development Team coaches will provide various groups and lesson plans to match the individual’s and group’s growth progression.  Athletes will be placed in groups based on their skills, maturity and/or age.  Placement is determined by the coaching staff

The Development Team does not require a PARA membership or a USSA competition license.

Participants are invited to race in special competitions held at Jack Frost Mountain as well as partake in periodic SkillsQuest evaluations.

Age USSA SkillsQuest Level Focus USSA SkillsQuest Level Progression to:


4-7 Beginner Phase 2 Phase 2 Directed free-skiing. USSA SkillsQuest. To introduce the athlete to the sport of competitive ski racing through organized training sessions.  To invoked a sense of team spirit and healthy competition through fun races.
8-9 Phase 2 Phase 2 Directed free-skiing. USSA SkillsQuest. To hone skills in preparation for competition as a U12.
10+ Phase 2 Beginner Phase 3 Directed free-skiing. USSA SkillsQuest.

To hone skills.  If desired, prepare the athlete for competition.


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