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2018 PARA U14 Championships at Seven Springs

What a weekend! As bleak as it looked. Somehow we managed to WEATHER through it. All runs were completed even though the snow in places was so thin I don't think a toothpick would stand in it. Seven springs did an amazing job pulling it off. I'm not sure Houdini would have been so lucky.

Saturday was a true test of will versus skill. Connor was so wet and cold before his run coach Eric was trying to get blood to his figure tips. Michael was soaked and shivering as he rolled into the start. Natan's comments were probably closest to the truth. "I guess I have to grind through it". As the rain poured during the 3rd run. Our kids worked together. The boys met the girls at the finish line with jackets. The girls could have went inn. But, they returned the favor. We were completely soaked by days end. But they worked together and nobody complained.


Today's gs race was a little better for most except for Michael. It hardly rained most of the day. It absolutely deluged during his 2nd. The wind at the top crushed two tents. How he even finished is beyond me. More on this in a minute.

When the race was over it really showed the perseverance, courage, and great attitude these kids have. While, we all thought the weather sucked. Nobody ever said it. They all stayed focused and gave their best.


Some comments about the kids

Dara- this I believe was her 1st State event. She skied solid all weekend. Lookout for her in the future.

Jaime- he also skied well all weekend. He's a talented kid. There will be the day he puts it all together. When he does lookout.

Connor-last year he missed a lot due to injury. So, It took a while for his confidence to rebuild. He rocketed his way to Piches.

Natan- he grinded his way with great skiing all weekend to get an invitation to Piches.

Kara- almost crashed twice on 2nd run today. But some how remained standing. She skied well all weekend and she also gained an invitation to Piches.

Noah- he was a rock all weekend. He even won one of the slalom runs. Unfortunately, He finished just out of the state team. But, dont let that undermine his weekend. He skied outstanding.

Molly- what a weekend. She's one of those kids that is willing to work hard to achieve her goals. Well, she will be representing PA at Eastern's. Her hard work paid off. An amazing year!

Michael- going into his last run he was in 8th overall. After the driving rain 2nd gs run almost put him out of contention. He needed the run of his life to make the state team. He delivered! He's headed to Eastern's.


Congrats to these kids.


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